CRACKI MIX #022 — Samuel André Madsen

Hello I am Samuel and I like to study theology, play music, produce beats, drink coffee and beer, cook, play football, chill with my friends etc etc. I am currently on an extended vacation in Paris while I am studying and collecting material for my master thesis about transfiguration in christian theology and iconography.

Recently I've been so fortunate to get to know some really nice people here too, like the Cracki guys, Latency, MLIU, Lazare Hoche and Concrete people. So I thought I'd go here for a while to spend more time with them and at the same time enjoy the life in the city that made all these friends who they are... I figured it must be a great place.

With the mix I actually just wanted to play some different stuff and not a pure 1hour mix tape of the same kind of dance music. So it's a bit diverse but I hope, that it will make sense to you as it did for
me when I hit the record button and started putting on records. There's no track list mostly because I am too lazy, but send me a
message if you want to know some ID's. Hope to see you out there! :)



Unknown Artist - Search By Yourself (Google Search Remix)