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Edouard is a young entrepreneur with a focus on Media and Music currently living in Berlin where he gained a background in journalism and corporate communication. Raised in Paris, it’s around nineteen that he moved to Berlin. His passion for the German language and desire to discover new things motivated his decision. Edouard’s fascination for  electronic music began at an early age thanks to his big brother and his very good friend Marcelo cura.

In 2013 he jumped-in and brought to life with his best friend Achille the  project he had always  envisioned: LumièresLaNuit. After five years in Germany,  he now plans to move to London where Edouard & Achille founded "Lumières La Nuit". Fascinated by the Japanese culture, he also dreams of going to Japan.

Edouard draws his main inspiration from Canadian artist Richie Hawtin, "that reinvents endlessly today's electronic world," he said.

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